The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.
Isaiah 58:11

I made myself gardens and orchards, and I planted all kinds of fruit trees in them.
Ecclesiastes 2:5

Controling bugs! Naturally!!

*I will be adding to this! So its a continuing work!
Controlling Bugs! Naturally in my garden!
One way I  keep aphids under control when I get them is with nasturtiums(the ones with the yellow flowers)  and lavender, planting these plants under roses, or around other plants that are attacked by aphids will help. The aphids will cling to the nasturtium plants instead of the roses and with the lavender they just seem to never even show up! Maybe aphids have noses and don’t like the smell!
Also aphids and ants go together, so get rid of the ants and you should have no aphid problem, I’ve used penny royal for that, planted it around. Works good if planted by the house so they won’t come inside also.
This is a list of plants that should help with the aphid problem, some I’ve tried.
Garlic, onions, radishes, petunias, chives, cilantro, anise, fennel,
Here’s some other bugs that will take care of the aphids for you!
Ladybugs, Praying mantis, Hover flies and Green lacewings!
Here’s some ideas I’ve read about or been told about that are suppose to work! I will be trying them! I’ve got a collection to try! Now if any of these ideas work for you let me know!
1.      Squashing a few aphids on the plant their on will release a chemical signal that makes all the other aphids fall off the plant and leave! I’m gona try this one!
2.      Make a spray from tomato or potato leaves and water. Zap em with it!
3.      Tansy used as a barrier around the plant, but tansy will spread, and mine grew very tall.
4.      There’s the old soap and water trick in a spray bottle.
5.      Garlic oil in a spray bottle.
6.      Banana peels at the base of the plant! Must be the yellow color that works.

to be continued........................................

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