The Lord will guide you continually, and satisfy your soul in drought, and strengthen your bones; you shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.
Isaiah 58:11

I made myself gardens and orchards, and I planted all kinds of fruit trees in them.
Ecclesiastes 2:5


The Planting of My Asparagus!!

It's May!! Things are bloomin and growin here, we've had some sunny days when plants just take off like mad. We've been eating our lettuce, onions, swiss chard, parsley and a few other herbs. The peas are starting to bloom and grow up the trellis fast.

Planted my asparagus yesterday, i have nice loose mulchy dirt so i dug a trench in one of my raised beds (4ft one). Dug about 6 inches down, all the way across the bed. I made small mounds for each asparagus root to set on. I made the mounds so that the roots wouldn't touch each other.


Next i covered them up with about 3 inches of dirt. That's it! Over the next couple weeks I will be putting some more dirt on till its slightly mounded on top. I won't be cutting any of my asparagus this year or the next, but in 2 years we'll have a feast!

Planting parsley and tomatoes will encourage all 3 crops!
You can grow lettuce, beets or spinach between the rows in the spring.

*Another side note about asparagus, years ago they discovered that asparagus reduced parasitic nematodes in the dirt, so if you've got some to spare, chop them up in the blender with water and sprinkle around the tomato plants.

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